What's Up with 1 Up Against Hate?

1 Up Against Hate is a campaign designed by Mass Communication students at the University of Central Oklahoma. The main goal was to find a way to prevent hate speech and violence through gaming. First, research was done to figure out if there are any regulatory bodies in games that try to prevent hate group violence.

Research showed that there aren’t really any governmental bodies that overlook hate groups or how things are run in gaming. What is being done behind the scenes are groups that are pushing gaming companies and video game developers to have a stronger term of service and enforcement early on these TOS’s.

Research also showed that White Nationalists have appeared to show the most activity in gaming when it comes to recruiting or spreading information of hate, specifically ‘Proud Boys’, Neo-Nazis, and Incels. The highest age range of gamers are 18-34; the second highest age range is 34-54. The age range of 18 and under is still a pretty high range, therefore we believe that there needs to be a halt to the promotion of hate speech and violence because gamers under 18 should not be easily exposed and influenced by it.

The Mass Communication students at the University of Central Oklahoma are working hard with our research to find the problem and solution. Continue following our blog for more updates.

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